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 Hey Guys, it's a Devblog

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Overall Team Lead

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PostHey Guys, it's a Devblog

As per usual, my updates have been timely and pertinent this year, and I hope you've all enjoyed the many posts I've made in the Devblog over the past 11 months. Since we're nearing the end of 2012, I have decided to issue yet another of the multitudinous 2012 Devblog entries to keep everyone up to speed. If these posts are becoming too frequent, please don't be shy in telling me to cut back the pace a little.

Dear FSM, I have been a rather subpar Team Lead this year, haven't I? Just as we're seeing the first glimmers of hope trickling in from our beloved programmers, I have for all intents and purposes abandoned the project for large spans of time, especially in the recent few months. As my schedule smooths out and my day-to-day life becomes less demanding, I do plan to be around much more often, and I really do want to apologize for my inefficiency. Enough about my faults though, it's time to go about lauding the accomplishments of our more respectable members.

As some of you may have noticed, Seregon is probably the most skilled team member we've ever picked up. Right now he's working on all sorts of beautiful things like population dynamics, our initial OGRE setup, and the compounds management, which he worked on with a tiny bit of help from yours truly. For these reasons, Seregon has been made a moderator. Congratulations, keep up all of the great work.

NicktheNick (Nick) has made an exceptional showing. His enthusiasm for organizing an quantifying game concepts is just what I want to see in our members, and he has relentlessly expanded old concepts and fleshed out novel simulation systems, always accepting plenty of input from other members. Nick has also been made a moderator, and I've been extremely impressed with his command over the project during my vacancy.

Those two are in command of all lower-ranking members, as are all mods, so listen carefully and call them if there's any trouble in the forums. On a side note, Poisson and Roadkillguy are no longer moderators, not because of any transgressions on their part, but because of prolonged absence. Should they become active again soon for an extended period of time, I'll quickly re-promote them.

That's all for tonight- expect a couple more of these before the world ends as I round up more information and content. In the meantime, doggit kicks all kinds of Belgium with a very subtle nod to Strauss here-

-Scio out

Remember our goals: simplicity, science, and playability. Keep them in mind always.
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Hey Guys, it's a Devblog :: Comments

Re: Hey Guys, it's a Devblog
Post on Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:24 am by NickTheNick
Thank you so much sciocont for this privilege, I really have an enjoyable time working on these forums with such talented people on such a talent-needing game. I also would like to congratulate Seregon on his amazing work and his well deserved promotion to moderator. I really can't imagine what these past months would have been like without his skills and efforts, especially with so much on his plate!

Also, great job Doggit on one of the best loading screen themes I have ever heard!
Re: Hey Guys, it's a Devblog
Post on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:12 am by Seregon
Wow, thank you Scio, and Nick, for your praise. I have to admit I've been very busy with work again recently, and haven't been able to contribute nearly as much as I'd hoped to over the past month or so. I do still read almost every post on the forums, and comment where I can, while also trying to make progress on the coding side (which wouldn't have gone nearly so well without Nick's help over the past few weeks, so thank you for that too!).

I can fully understand your occasional lack of time for the project, we all have times when we simply have too many other commitments (as I have recently). While it would ofcourse be very nice to have you around more often - as some of your concept work was what originally got me excited about Thrive - don't worry if your not here all the time, just make sure you don't lose interest! (though I can't imagine you would)
Re: Hey Guys, it's a Devblog
Post on Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:12 pm by Doggit
Thanks for posting one of my songs. For my part I will always be taking part in this project till it is over.
The Uteen
Re: Hey Guys, it's a Devblog
Post on Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:29 am by The Uteen
Good news. It seems we might really get going once the end of the world parties are out of the way!

Happy new Bak'tun, everyone. Just 22ish more days to go!
Post on Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:36 pm by Noone
We are going up!
I perssonaly think Seregon and Nick will be good moderators, and they deserve it.

@Uteen You good say, (immitating Yoda :)) happy new Bak'tun...Maybe ,,end of world 22th december'' means new era of gaming, relase of... TOTALY EPIC microbial stage!
Topic: comment
Post on Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:11 pm by alduin2013
You can count on me to be able to provide the ideas for the game and beyond, maybe even expansion packs when we get the chance to make them. I may even try to learn some programming to help out, if i become great at it that is. let thrive be the best game ever! oh and happy holidays

And a happy new year, if it doesnot end(and by it i mean the world)
Re: Hey Guys, it's a Devblog
Post on Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:34 am by WilliamstheJohn
alduin2013 wrote:
You can count on me to be able to provide the ideas for the game and beyond, maybe even expansion packs when we get the chance to make them. I may even try to learn some programming to help out, if i become great at it that is. let thrive be the best game ever! oh and happy holidays

And a happy new year, if it doesnot end(and by it i mean the world)

I really fell great when you did say ,,and let the thrive be te best game ever'', then i imagine all gaming magazines in world saying how thrive is great... i fell great now!
Re: Hey Guys, it's a Devblog
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Hey Guys, it's a Devblog

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